For different reasons Montmartre and Pigalle are must seen places of Paris.

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The Basilica of "Sacré Coeur" by night.


Montmartre is an area of Paris located in the north of the capital, on the hill of the “butte Montmartre” which is one of the principal tourist places of Paris.
The hill of the butte Montmatre is famous for the Basilica of "Sacré Coeur" which a good reason to visit the area.

Montmartre is the culminating point of Paris that is located at 130,53 meters. It is the highest area of Paris.

There is the "féniculaire de Montmatre" which makes it possible to reach the butte Montmartre and to access the Basilica while admiring the sight.


Montmartre is also a major place of the cultural life in Paris and accomodates many theatres and cabarets where started famous french artists in places like the "Elysée Montmartre" or "La Cygalle".

The painters have also their place in Montmatre, the name of this place is "La place du Tertre" where many painters expose directly in the street.

Many films have been made in the area for its exceptional framework like “Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain”.

Many artists and actors were born or live in Montmartre, one can sometimes cross some of them walking in the area.


Painter on "la place du Tertre"





By walking : In 6 minutes (approximately 500m) according to the plan. Cross the public garden "Louise Michel", and the place St Pierre, Continue on the street named "Seveste", Turn left on the "Rochechouart" Boulevard, continue 30 meters, Turn right to remain on the boulevard Rochechouart, you are arrived!


Le Panorama forms the corner, you cannot miss our large terrace.

Le Panorama. 20 rue Gérando. 75009. PARIS





Pigalle is the name of a area of Paris, located around the Pigalle place, it includes the streets located on the two sides of the boulevards of Clichy and Rochechouart, and extends on IXe and XVIIIe "arrondissement of Paris" and is located the butte Montmartre below.

The place owes its name to the sculptor Jean-Baptiste Pigalle (1714-1785). The area is famous to be a high tourist place.

Even if the time where gangsters crossed each others in Pigalle seems finished, one can still find many sex shops, specialized bars and the Museum of the erotism.

However, nightclubs, famous cabarets, multicoloured signs and neons which give the indication of an hot area are for much today a show for tourists.

The Pigalle area includes several theatres, cabarets : "Le Divan du Monde", "Le Moulin rouge" (known in the whole world) "La Boule Noire" ; "Les Trois Baudets"; "Le Trianon".

Some stores of musical instruments (guitars, keyboards, etc), and schools nowadays settled in particular in the south of the Pigalle place. The area is served by the subway station of the same name, with the crossing of lines 2 and 12.


Le folies Pigalle

Located on the Pigalle place, is an former Italian theatre, reconverted in cinema then in a cabaret, Folie' S Pigalle ends up to become a famous club of Paris.




IN SUBWAY : In 1 subway station and less than 5 minutes. Take line 2 and get off at the next station “Anvers” and take the Rochechouart boulevard on 100 Meters.

BY WALKING : In 8 minutes (approximately 700m) according to the plan. Take Clichy boulevard, then go up on the Rochechouart boulevard to the crossing of the street Gérando.

Le Panorama forms the corner, you cannot miss our large terrace.

Le Panorama. 20 rue Gérando. 75009. PARIS





The facade of the station

The most majestic statues make up to 5,5 meters in height and represent the international destinations of the station.


The station of « Paris-Nord » also named "Gare du Nord" is one of the six large terminus railway stations of the SNCF.

The « Gare du nord » makes the junction with several bordering countries as Belgium, Netherlands, or England due to The Eurostar who connect Paris to the center of London in only 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The station offers connections with several urban transportation lines, including Paris Metro and RER. By the number of travelers, at around 190 million per year, it is the busiest railway station in Europe.

The station is in service since 1846, the facade of the station was built by the architect Jacques Hittorff. The station is classified as "Historic Monument" since 1975.





By walking: In 10 minutes (approximately 800m) according to the plan.

- take the West on the "place Napoleon III" towards the "boulevard of Denain".
- Continue on street of " Dunkerque"
- Cross the Boulevard of "Magenta"
- Continue opposite on the street of "Maubeuge", then on the street of the "Dunkerque".
- Turn to the right on the street of rochechouart.
- Continue quite straight ahead, you are there!

Le Panorama forms the corner, you cannot miss our large terrace.

Le Panorama. 20 rue Gérando. 75009. PARIS